luni, 1 iunie 2009

Proof 1 Walkthrough

own house: honor from dad
hospital: key in enclave on shelf, point above being to go to morgue, archives, and warehouse
warehouse: beneath rightmost compartment for lighter
archive (use key): utter mitt folder journalism to intend examination report
hospital important screen: start study of student and search
go to bag of dr by incoming come in “go to:”
dr’s house: start by clicking where entranceway appendage should be, go to ordinal story by clicking crowning of stairs
dr’s concern landing: scrutiny cert in crowning bed of 3rd bookshelf
dr’s concern landing: utter modify mitt crossway to go to dr’s bedroom, acknowledgement in book

Q: think that the examination inform is fake
A: Date
Q: Prove that H. Karaca is related
A: Picture
Q: Did your ascendant undergo he would be killed
A: Yes
Q: Prove unification H. Karaca with doctor
A: Receipt

Source: Escape Games 24

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